We are a small Team of passionate gamers and we create useful tools for Windows and HTML 5 games for mobile devices and PC/MAC/Linux.

Our website learns German

Welcome to our revised website. We are currently testing the new beta version of Jimdo 2.0 and have finally established a German website for all German-speaking visitors. At the moment, not all content is translated but in the next few days that will change. 

Since this is not the final version occasionally errors may occur. Should you find any mistakes on our website it would be great if you could send us a short email with a description (preferably with screenshot): support@bl4cksh33p.de 


Currently the following issues are known: 

  • The text of text boxes is white on a white background 
  • Some elements, such as the shopping cart at the store and comments, can't be multilingual, yet.

Get the latest updates for Lunar Catch on STEAM

We think STEAM is a great platform and a great place to post new concepts to get feedback from players. We decided to post development status updates there and you won't need a Steam Account or the Client to read the latest updates. So if you are interested in the development process and want to stay up to date click on the Greenlight Widget on the right.

But don't forget to rate/like us if you have a STEAM Account, please. :)


New website for Lunar Catch

We created a completely new website for our new game Lunar Catch. It should be much easier to find all relevant info now and we have greatly simplified the registration form for the closed BETA.


Please use the following link for your bookmarks: http://lunarcatch.bl4cksh33p.de


If the redirection does not work for you try this link (DNS servers should be updated shortly).


New Game in Development: Lunar Catch

We are happy to announce that we are working on a new game called "Lunar Catch".

It is an Action/Ball and paddle game inspired by the classical game "Pong" but it has some new twists like multiple characters with unique abilities and talents. You may already know some of them like the evil Moon Raccoon or the brave Corgi General from our past game "Moon Raccoon".


There are currently three game modes planned: Singleplayer, Multiplayer (1vs1) and Co-op Multiplayer (2vs2). But not all features are fleshed out yet, and we are still in an early pre-alpha stage. If you are interested in alpha- or betatesting our new game you can sign the form on this page and help us with your feedback.


More details can be found on the gamepage here.


Release: ESO Research Assistant v1.2

We have just finished the next update for ESO Research Assistant (ESORA) to v1.2.


To improve the overall appearance some buttons were changed to icons and moved to the top and the left side of the app. New settings allow you to enable or disable sound notifications and color-coded countdowns.


The full changelog:


  • changed button style and moved them from bottom to top
  • added Settings screen
    • added option to enable/disable sound notification
    • added option to enable/disable color-coded countdowns
  • added some achievements (just for fun)
  • started to work on support for multiple char profiles
    (will be available in an upcoming version)


ESORA is available on clay.io for $0.99 (about 0,72€) and runs on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

- Get ESORA now!

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